Criminal trial in which the Cologne administrative court is compared with the fascist people’s court headed by Roland Freisler.

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Dear Sir or Madam.

I invite you to the criminal trial in which the Cologne administrative court is compared with the fascist people’s court headed by Roland Freisler.

Judge Alexander Fühling.

Mr. Claus Plantiko, Lieutenant Colonel of the German Armed Forces, member of the German General Staff and former German military attaché, was invited to the trial.

Claus Plantico was wrongly stripped of his legal status 15 years ago and was unable to continue his respected, honest and patriotic activities.

The intellect of Claus Plantico in this matter, especially about the wickedness of the government system in Germany, that Germany is tyranny, Caesar is a papist system without separation of powers, after 15 years it is obvious that Plantico was right, for 15 years Merkel’s rule in Germany it’s gotten a lot worse.

And it will get worse.

Case number

704 Cs 555 Js 584/19 P – 136/20

The world media, internet bloggers, foreign television and employees of the embassies of Namibia, Israel, USA, Azerbaijan, Belarus and Russia are invited to the process.

The Namibian Embassy was invited because I raised the problem that Germany paid at least 40 billion euros in damages for the genocide in Namibia at the beginning of the 20th century.

This is the reasonable minimum compensation for 90% of the murdered population of Namibia or 100,000 people as well as for the exported diamonds, gold and other minerals for 100 years.

The heart of the matter.

German judges and courts did not go through the denazification process after 1945.

Hitler’s fascist judges worked in the Federal Republic of Germany until the 1960s and afterwards retired honorably.

Fascist prosecutors, fascist officials and politicians continued to work.

The Cologne Administrative Court continued the fascist National Socialist tradition of violating human rights, children, parents and international human rights conventions with two court decisions.

In the first case, the Cologne Administrative Court refused to recognize children from Russia, victims of the Nazi regime, who were stolen by the Nazis as victims of National Socialism, Case No. 8 K 2202/17, Judges Schommertz, Roos, Kasprzyk.

In the second case, the German administrative court in Cologne approved the beating of children at a German school and prohibited a Russian child from attending a Russian school in Bonn, case number 10 K 4722/19, judges Schommertz, Dr. Busch, Fröse.

From the 2017 case and the 2019 case, two different chambers of the court, it naturally follows that the citizens of the world, Russia, Germany, have the right to pass the judgments of the Cologne Administrative Court with the judgments of the fascist People’s Court under the direction of Roland Freisler to compare.

The violation of children’s rights, the violation of parental rights and the violation of human rights before the Cologne Administrative Court is absolutely the same as at the fascist People’s Court under the direction of Roland Freisler.

The judges Henkelmann-Mrowka, Ostermeyer, Panno, Zimmermann-Rohde, Krämer, Marwinski and Schommerz must be questioned in court to determine the suffering the judges caused by the presence of their photos, as well as photos of tortured and tortured children of the fascist regime .

Obviously the judges had some kind of ailment. It is necessary to determine which and how much. To suffer from the fact that the grandfathers, fathers, mothers, and grandmothers of these judges were either tacitly or actively involved in supporting the fascist dictatorship is the suffering of conscience, and it should be better late than never.

The second part of the process is devoted to the question of how the Jews suck a German cock and lick a German boot.

In the second part we will examine the documents how the leadership of Jewish communities during the Nazi era supported the Nazi regime for Nazi money.

At the same time, we will examine how, according to DOCUMENTS, in 2020 the German Jewish communities actually receive bribes from the Germans 100 million euros per year so that the leaders of the Jewish communities cover up the crimes of the Germans against ordinary Jews, so that not all cases of anti-Semitism against ordinary Jews Jews of Jewish communities are examined and published by the Jewish German Press.

We will investigate the case of Alina Belyavsky, a Jew from Rostock, a Jew who was robbed by the police today by knocking down the door of her house.

We will investigate the case of the Jew Elena Abrams, North Rhine Westphalia, whose sons were taken away by the Germans and handed over to her ex-husband, a rapist, a member of the ruling German party.

So the process promises to be interesting, instructive and exciting.